The Merge Delayed, More Time to Buy ETH at 50% Off

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ProBit Global users can capitalize on the recent market downturns to acquire ETH at a 50% discounted entry point through the recently opened Exclusive running until May 16. The second most valuable crypto asset by market capitalization has many HODLers awaiting The Merge, with the official timeline delayed from its initial projections of a Q2 2022 rollout.

Though a mainnet shadow fork to stress test the transition turned out successful, a new date for the upgrade provides ample opportunity to stack up on Ether (ETH) at a reduced price point as the Ethereum network gears to be more powerful, appealing, and sustainable for widespread use.

With the overall crypto market currently snagged in a massively bearish trend, the exchange has presented a primetime buy opportunity with ETH having slumped 22% as of press time after starting off the year in the $3,700 range.

Ethereum Closes out 2021 on a Strong Note

In a recent report by Chainalysis, Ethereum emerged as the top YOY gainer in 2021. The analysis revealed crypto investors earned a total of $76.3 billion on their investment in Ethereum - edging out Bitcoin’s $74.7 billion - with those in the U.S. leading the way, followed by the U.K., Germany, Japan, and China.

With DeFi and NFTs having given Ethereum significant utility across multiple sectors, the projection is that ETH will be the most widely transacted digital currency by 2022. As a result, some in the industry believe ETH will position itself between $7,000 and as high as $13,000 before 2022 closes out.

Ethereum Positions Itself for Massive Scaling

The upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 will be crucial for scaling with the L1 chain facing a growing number of competitors by increasing its transaction speed and enhancing lesser transaction costs without sacrificing the network’s security.

The switch to PoS will help the Ethereum network reduce its carbon footprint and gas fees to accelerate the adoption of NFTs, blockchain games, and the DeFi space through Ethereum-based dApps.

Now scheduled for “likely in the few months” after June, The Merge will see Ethereum transit to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) in the second phase of the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0, now dubbed the consensus layer. The Merge will combine the mainnet with The Beacon Chain to bridge PoS to the Ethereum ecosystem and increase network security and energy efficiency.

The upgrade forms part of solving the blockchain trilemma by optimizing the simultaneous balance between scalability, decentralization, and security for Ethereum to offer practical usage and accessibility worldwide.



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