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Vilnius, Lithuania – Vilnius, Lithuania – Mojaik, a blockchain platform, celebrates its listing on ProBit Global. This partnership marks a new achievement for Mojaik, providing groundbreaking solutions for users to engage in decentralized finance.

Mojaik’s platform provides a unique economic model, which allows unlimited transactions per second (TPS) with low costs, giving users the ability to make more transactions without the hassle of high fees. Compared to traditional blockchain networks, Mojaik operates on a relative value system, allowing multiple chains to function on a single exchange rate system.

Furthermore, Mojaik’s economic model ensures the stability and uniformity of its native currency FEE. By creating a unified currency across different mainnets, Mojaik removes the value discrepancies and transactions are transparent. Think of Mojaik like a currency accepted by all stores. Instead of needing different currencies for each store, everyone uses the same currency, making transactions faster and cheaper.

In addition, Mojaik’s reward system provides incentivized participation for users who engage with Mojaik’s node architecture, ensuring incentivized network participation. Users are rewarded tokens that serve as a measure of contribution to the platform such as validating transactions, participating in mechanisms, etc. and are distributed based on activity levels.

“Mojaik is innovating blockchain technology by addressing the limitations of existing networks for slow performance speeds and high costs. Mojaik is building a strong foundation for a more efficient and inclusive decentralized ecosystem”. – Sofia M'Barek, Strategic Partnerships Manager at ProBit Global.

In summary, Mojaik’s listing on ProBit Global paves a new evolution for blockchain technology. With its innovative economic model and multi-chain solutions providing efficient and cost effective transactions, Mojaik is leading the way towards a more inclusive and sustainable decentralized future.

For further information about Mojaik, check out Mojaik’s listing on ProBit Global and get access to FEE tokens. Tune in for upcoming potential FEE staking events and reward opportunities on ProBit Global.



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