Art and Music Tokenization Platform Xave Jumps out of the Gates with a Soldout IEO Round on ProBit Global

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Xave Coin has sold out all 25M XVC offered during its ongoing IEO on ProBit Global in a bid to expand on its vision of democratizing access to music and art. The team will ride the momentum directly into the second stage of IEO slated for March 17.

Through the use of non-fungible assets or NFA, Xave strives to empower equal access opportunities to royalty sharing and monetization for fans and creators based on fractionalized ownership of artistic and musical content.

Tokenized songs are one of many innovative approaches incorporated by Xave to build an interactive bridge between fans and creators while the latter retains the lion’s share of the revenue.

XVC holders can purchase digital real estate and gain access to virtual experiences such as fan concerts on the Xave World metaverse. Metaverse users earn rewards for interacting with the various elements such as GoMusic City, where fans can connect to their favorite artists.

Each transaction will incur an XVC burn with another 5% of all Xave Market earnings and XVC sales used for impact investing initiatives based on the Xave Impact Fund.


Xave is a metaverse oriented to music, art and entertainment. It immerses the user in an open, constantly expanding and changing virtual world, where they can explore new places, play and interact in an extraordinary way in diverse cities that will lead them to live unique experiences, face to face with their favorite artists.



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