ProBit Global’s ‘Learn & Earn’ Launches, Users to Win Free BTC

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ProBit Global Learn & Earn: Bitcoin

As crypto adoption continues to grow, ProBit Global has introduced ‘Learn & Earn’ courses for users to improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and be incentivized with free crypto at the same time.

Starting with the Bitcoin (BTC) course to earn some BTC, the top exchange is offering users who have completed KYC Step 2 to take multiple crypto-related courses and earn some crypto—for free as part of its efforts to support an accelerated mass crypto adoption.

Global crypto adoption continues to grow

ProBit Global’s ‘Learn & Earn’ is being unveiled as Chainalysis’ latest adoption index data suggests that the crypto ecosystem has been growing consistently across market cycles—global adoption growth remains well above pre-2020 bull market level despite the recent bear market.

The blockchain analysis firm finds that most new users who put capital into cryptocurrency during periods of price growth tend to stay even when there is a decline. It says the growth was particularly strong in the past year in emerging markets like Vietnam, Philippines, Ukraine, India, Nigeria, and Turkey where reliance on cryptocurrency for remittances, as a hedge against volatility, and use for other financial needs is high.

Chainalysis had in October 2021—before the start of the prolonged market drawdown which supposedly crept in two months later—-recorded a worldwide crypto adoption growth of over 880%.

Crypto becoming a truly global phenomenon

Indonesian cryptocurrency payments company Triple-A estimated that global crypto ownership is now at an average of 4.2%, or over 320 million crypto users worldwide, as of 2022. Another estimate by US-based Finders puts its global crypto ownership at 15% for August 2022.

Meanwhile, several studies including Bitstamp’s survey of over 28,000 investors from 23 countries across five continents, suggest that cryptocurrencies’ mainstream adoption is near. Some of the factors that stand out to bode well for driving mainstream adoption include initiatives to educate the public about cryptocurrencies and their potential use cases.

Learn & Earn for crypto education

ProBit Global’s Learn & Earn will support the adoption drive by offering users an opportunity—regardless of their level of crypto knowledge—to explore different cryptocurrencies, own and try them out first-hand.

Courses on Learn & Earn will focus on all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as promising cryptocurrency tokens listed on ProBit Global. Each course consists of learning materials in video and text forms, a quiz to complete, and rewards to receive.

An ongoing course will enable users to learn about a featured cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin (by reading a given text, watching a video etc). Afterwards, they will be prompted to take the quiz and each correct answer will earn them rewards.



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