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Vilnius, Lithuania – Magic Square (SQR), a decentralized web3 platform to assist users in finding top tier Web3 projects, lists on ProBit Global. By providing high quality and secure Web3 projects, it enhances the Web3 investment experience, empowering users to discover their next venture with confidence regardless of their background.

Magic Square introduces Magic Store, the Web3 app store where users can discover, explore and engage with vetted Web3 apps and games. In addition, Magic Square allows users to vote and validate new projects which gives them a trust score, similar to other review service platforms, providing feedback and ratings to ensure quality assurance. This inclusive voting mechanism allows transparency when Web3 projects are listed on the platform.

In addition, Magic Square allows users to earn rewards by participating in their  Magic Boost affiliate program, giving users Karma points to redeem for real rewards later on. Karma points can be accumulated by simple actions such as claiming a reward, voting, signing up, logging in daily, etc. This gamification reward style entices users to engage with the platform, keeping them interested with ongoing benefits.

Moreover, Magic Square’s SQR tokens are the foundation of their ecosystem. By unlocking SQR tokens, members can gain benefits and access to hot offers, airdrops and raffle tickets while maintaining ownership of their tokens. This enhances the user experience and provides utility for their tokens that isn’t just the common staking utility found in other projects.

Additionally, Magic Square has a magic membership program where tier based subscriptions are available from basic, plus and premium and premium plus tiers. All tiers have different rewards. For example if you are in premium tiers, users can access higher Karma point multipliers which gives more points to redeem for rewards. Higher commission bonuses and exclusive airdrops are prioritized for premium tiers compared to lower tiers. This tier system establishes a fair reward mechanic for those seeking to earn high rewards for staking their SQR tokens.

In conclusion, Magic Square (SQR) listing on ProBit Global, provides a new experience for users looking into exploring Web3 apps on their platform. Magic Square incorporates gamification to earn points to redeem for rewards. With their unique reward system, Magic Square is built for users who love farming for rewards. Check out Magic Square’s listing on ProBit Global and participate in Magic Square’s trading competition on ProBit Global to earn free rewards.



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With a powerful crypto trading interface, easy integration for automated crypto trading bots, fiat on-ramp support for 45 currencies, and a multilingual website in 46 languages, ProBit Global has all the features to make your cryptocurrency trading experience easy.

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