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Vilnius, Lithuania – STANDUP, the innovative Web3 platform launches their token on ProBit Global. Offering a mix of software and blockchain solutions to innovate how we engage with software and digital content across the internet.

STANDUP offers platform-based solutions, seamlessly connecting different industries. With the use of blockchain technology, STANDUP ensures efficient and secure distribution of software content, encouraging users worldwide to access, install, distribute and utilize content using STANDUP Tokens.

The STANDUP ecosystem is crafted to provide needs of both software users and B2B businesses, fostering a cohesive relationship that benefits all stakeholders. Users can effortlessly purchase and access software on the STANDUP platform using STANDUP tokens, unlocking discounts and membership benefits. In addition, users have the opportunity to provide feedback on products, earning rewards that fuel the platform's dynamic ecosystem.

On the B2B side, STANDUP collaborates closely with third-party companies to register and verify products that meet user demands. Real time feedback improves B2B businesses to streamline product testing and provides actionable insights from users to improve product, therefore saving time and costs on product development.

Furthermore, STANDUP is exploring different use cases of blockchain gaming such as Play-to-Earn (P2E) and use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), STANDUP aims to enhance the gaming experience and reshape the gaming industry’s revenue model for the upcoming years.

“I am super excited of the STANDUP’s ecosystem and what they are building. As a gamer, STANDUP’s development of blockchain games and use case of NFTs is really intriguing, it opens up a new space for gamers to explore new gaming experiences that have not been available in the traditional gaming space.” – David Lim, Strategic Partnerships Manager at ProBit Global.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, STANDUP is one of the web3 platforms to keep an eye out for. Offering a comprehensive solution for both users and businesses, with a blend of software, gaming and blockchain solutions, STANDUP is building a unique ecosystem poised to redefine the future of web3 platforms.

Be sure to check out STANDUP’s listing on ProBit Global as well as upcoming events and competitions, which is a great opportunity to reap the benefits of STANDUP’s ProBit Global launch.



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