AI Meets Blockchain: Prometheum Prodigy Joins ProBit Global Sparks AI Possibilities

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Vilnius, Lithuania – Thinking of blockchain and artificial intelligence mixing together? Meet Prometheum Prodigy, a new innovative AI Layer 2 blockchain, set to make noise in the crypto world as it joins ProBit Global for listing. This strategic move provides speed and security within the Ethereum ecosystem, all powered by artificial technology.

Prometheum Prodigy (PMPY), has innovations to overcome the limitations of the Ethereum network. By introducing an AI Layer 2 solution to assist with scalability, Prometheum Prodigy aims to reduce transaction costs and enhance the overall performance of Ethereum. Its architecture integrates cybersecurity and AI technologies to ensure accessible data availability, offering a robust efficient solution for blockchain enthusiasts.

Some notable tool Prometheum Prodigy offers is an advanced Staking Platform enabling investors to stake their tokens with attractive Annual Percentage Rates. Prometheum Prodigy also introduces a mobile app to enhance crypto trading by providing a decentralized multichain exchange with AI features for analytics. These features assist traders in making informed decisions and optimizing their trading experience.

With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, Prometheum allocates about 5% returns to marketing, development and funding, ensuring liquidity through locked reserves and 2% reflection returns to holders. This tokenomics gives back to holders looking for returns on their investments. It is important to note that Prometheum Prodigy is a utility token and is not a security or regulated token.

In conclusion, Prometheum Prodigy’s listing on ProBit Global is a significant milestone in offering blockchain and artificial intelligence technology for crypto enthusiasts. With its innovative AI layer 2 blockchain platform, offering stability, reduced transaction costs and security, Prometheum Prodigy is set to make noise in the crypto space.

Check out the Prometheum Prodigy (PMPY) listing on ProBit Global and participate in their trading competition on Probit Global. Be on alert for upcoming PMPY staking events and token reward opportunities.



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