ProBit Global Users Can Now Buy Crypto with 0% Credit Card Fees until March 15 with New Fiat On-Ramp

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ProBit Global has announced its latest buy crypto with credit card fiat on-ramp accommodating over 40 fiat currencies for users to purchase currently supported tokens BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Starting on March 9 at 00:00 UTC, a special 0% credit card fee promotion will enable users to complete their purchases at no charge until March 15, courtesy of a collaborative effort with top 50 blockchain company and fintech solution Moonpay.

According to a survey by LendEDU, over 18.5% of the 672 Bitcoin investors polled used a credit card to buy crypto. Additionally, 76.23% reported their intent to make another credit card purchase.

As the preferred digital asset gateway, cryptocurrency exchanges have played an essential role in ramping up adoption as supported by a recent Visa market revealing nearly half of the entire crypto owner segment using a “crypto-first exchange.”

The 1-click buy crypto with credit card feature provides a critical fiat rail to guide newer users past the first and arguably most significant entry barrier: making their first crypto purchase.

Users can now access the buy crypto interface and select the desired fiat currency and token to view the current buy rate priced in fiat or tokens. Once the purchase is complete, assets will land in their account wallets backed by a second layer of 2FA security tools.

Several convenient ProBit Global API services also enable paper trading, providing users with a simulated environment and account balance to learn how to cross-arbitrage, make markets, and incorporate various trading strategies based on real-time market conditions.

Users opting for a hedging strategy can aptly set up a long-term HODL strategy called DCA, or dollar-cost averaging, an approach used to generate lower risk, stabilized gains through weekly or monthly recurring purchases.

The strategy can be a boon for newer traders as it insulates against common risk factors such as emotional and market-driven sentiments.



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