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 Japan’s Trillion Dollar Pension Fund Considers To Invest In Bitcoin

Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), the world’s largest pension fund, is considering investing in Bitcoin as its long term investment strategy. The GPIF announced on March 19, 2024 to adapt to the evolving financial landscapes and technological progress through new investment policies over the next 5 years. With assets totaling about $1.54 trillion USD, the GPIF’s approach to diversifying its asset classes, reflects its openness to adopt cryptocurrencies into its portfolio, although nothing is concrete yet.

 Bitcoin Steady At $63K, Ether Bounce Back To $3.3K After Dip

Bitcoin’s price had a decline on 20 March, 2024 before steadily bouncing back to $63,000 and is currently trading around 67,000 at the time of this writing. Similarly, Ethereum dipped to around $3,092 before bouncing back to $3,300 showing strong support at this price range. With the upcoming Bitcoin halving, the market is experiencing volatile price movement and hopes for an SEC Ethereum ETF approval have also contributed to this volatility. Therefore, investors are advised to be cautious during these volatile times and not to over leverage their crypto assets.

 BlackRock Enters Asset Tokenization Space with Ethereum Fund

BlackRock, one of the world’s biggest asset management institution, has launched its tokenized asset fund on the Ethereum network, making a significant move into the crypto asset space. The BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, represented by the BUIDL token offers investors exposure to cash, U.S. treasury bills, and repurchase agreements. This innovative approach is fueled by BlackRock’s strategic investment in Securitize, serving as the transfer agent and tokenization platform.

With tokenized U.S. Treasuries are witnessing significant growth, reaching $730 million from $100 million in 2023, the financial sector is evolving as crypto stable yields adoption is growing and BlackRock sees this as an opportunity for innovation in the industry.

 Popular Web3 Game Notcoin Hits 30 Million Players On Telegram

Notcoin, the popular clicker game in Telegram has hit 30 million players as it prepares for its upcoming token airdrop. Notcoin recently witnessed a surge in daily active users, surpassing 5 million for the first time. The game revolves around players tapping away at the golden coins to anticipate for crypto rewards, a very simple yet addictive game, bringing back the hyper causal genre that was once popular in the early smartphone mobile days. This free airdrop hype showcases that there is still a substantial interest in the crypto farming space.

 CryptoPunks Are Taking Over The NFT Space, As Another Punk Has Sold For $16 Million

CryptoPunks have once again made headlines as another Punk sold for more than $16 million. Punk #7804, one of the only nine Alien Punks in the whole collection, switched hands for 4850 ETH, marking the second largest CryptoPunks sale. Previously about 2 weeks ago, Alien Punk #3100 fetched for a staggering 4,500 ETH. With the crypto market recently experiencing a dip, legacy NFTs like CryptoPunks are holding strong.

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