ProBit Global marks 4th anniversary as it reinvents crypto experience with new features

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ProBit Global has kickstarted activities to mark its fourth anniversary of providing exciting and unhindered uptime to crypto enthusiasts that seek a wide range of assets to trade in an industry that touched the $3 trillion market cap mark in late 2021.

The exchange, with its simple and easy-to-use interface that is available in 46 languages, introduced a point-based World Cup event that affords its users a chance to share the prize pool of 10,000 USDT. Slated to run until December 18, the event offers 50 spots to ProBit Global users to win huge rewards. The top-ranking winner will receive over 500 USD worth!

Reinventing the crypto experience

Launched in November 2018, ProBit Global has shown tremendous progress over the past four years as it becomes known for showcasing new and ground-breaking blockchain projects and their assets. The platform keeps contributing to increasing crypto adoption at the global level by opening the door of its services and products to enthusiasts — both individual users and projects —- from the four cardinal points.

The stable growth, attributed to the exchange’s improved globalization efforts and its resolve to continue building momentum for success through new products and features for users, has seen it climb higher to rank as the 26th top cryptocurrency spot exchange as of this writing, according to the premier crypto aggregator site, CoinMarketCap.

The foundation-building process has seen it achieve significant milestones. These include new product launches like the new click-and-buy crypto with credit card feature which affords users to simply convert a desired amount of fiat into a specified crypto asset without having to place a buy order on secondary markets. Non-credit card owners are also welcome to buy crypto using bank transfers. A wide range of over 40 fiat currencies is available for everyone to own their crypto of choice —- these include all major fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP.

True to its mission to accelerate crypto adoption, ProBit Global rolled out Learn & Earn. With this feature, participants may watch videos and take quizzes related to various crypto and blockchain projects, thus enabling users to improve their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and be incentivized with free crypto at the same time.

To boot, ProBit Global also offers ProBit Exclusive which enables users to own their favorite crypto assets for half their prices. Participants enjoyed huge gains of more than 25X just within two months of joining the campaign during 2021’s crypto bull run.

ProBit Global’s availability on both iOS and Android apps opens doors for people across the globe to stay in the know about the latest events and features being launched.

ProBit Global best for altcoins

All these buildups make ProBit Global a crypto trading platform of choice for all assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alternative currencies known as altcoins.

With Blockchain remaining of potentially transformative usefulness as a means of recording and verifying large numbers of transactions that add up to significant economic value, it is pertinent to note that innovative ideas would continue to be launched with the technology. ProBit Global prides itself in its platform’s ability to continue welcoming and nurturing new blockchain projects for a wider and global crypto ecosystem.

The exchange supports the creation of valuable applications that have utility for everyone—bringing value to their respective tokens—through its Initial Coin Offerings (IEOs). Over the past four years, several projects have enjoyed the convenience of bringing their ideas to a wide audience through these IEOs, while more are set to take advantage of it.

Committed to staying strong

Regardless of the current rough patch that the crypto space is experiencing due to the latest FTX crisis, ProBit Global is celebrating its rock-solidness to continue offering a committed and safe trading platform.

Its fourth anniversary is to mark its resolve to never engage in activities that will jeopardize its users’ funds in a bid to grow big and fast which has kept it strong thus far.



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