ProBit Global’s Extended Solana Campaign Continues with Upcoming 50% off Raydium Exclusive March 8

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Following the successful wrap-up of its Exclusive featuring Solana, ProBit Global will now deploy its staple 50% discounted subscriptions for Solana’s top AMM Raydium starting on March 8. Raydium trading will also launch post-Exclusive with USDT and BTC pairs slated for March 14 at 07:00 UTC.

Raydium boasts over $43B in total trading volume with a TVL of $634.28M and has gained rapid adoption due to bridging liquidity and order books with Serum, the leading DEX in the Solana ecosystem. The two-way street provides a boon for traders who can execute trades on Alameda-backed Serum and its unique CLOB, or on-chain central limit order book.

Raydium users benefit from reduced slippage and quicker order matching with a limit order option, a rare AMM feature that significantly widens trading and hedging opportunities.

Swapping on Raydium is executed according to the best price swap feature which analyzes both Raydium pools and the Serum DEX to secure optimum swap price. The worst price function allows a user to set a minimum threshold for swaps, a stark contrast with Ethereum swaps which follow slippage tolerance.

As one of the first AMM approved for Serum’s $100M liquidity mining program, Raydium expanded on yield farming opportunities with the 4M SRM grant to create additional Fusion Pools.

Raydium features two unique pools: a standard Raydium pool that rewards LP with RAY tokens, while the Fusion pool pays out fees in project tokens. The dual yield feature will pay out both RAY and the project tokens and is featured in certain pools such as for ATLAS, the currency of immersive space metaverse Star Atlas whose IDO proceeded to break Solana.

Joining an IDO on the Raydium AcceleRaytor requires staking RAY tokens to earn lottery tickets based on the staked amount with ticket eligibility locked in via USDT deposits. A transparent on-chain lottery selection process ensures democratized participation while IDO benefit from bootstrapped liquidity via pools along with Serum market making.

A token portal provided by cross-chain protocol Wormhole enables convenient bridging of all Solana Program Library (SPL) assets across the current chains onboarded including Avalanche, Oasis, BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, and Terra.

RAY is capped at 555M and will remain inflationary for a period of 36 months with 6-month halving cycles to gradually lower block rewards until the token becomes fully deflationary.



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