Smart NFT Project VIMworld Adds New Trading Partner with a $20K VEED Competition on ProBit Global Following Listing

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Built on the VeChainThor blockchain, Smart NFT platform VIMworld has added to its global trading board with VEED debuting on ProBit Global and its running count of over 1,000 trading markets.  

A 2-week trading event will pay $20,000 in VEED token rewards for the top 20 accrued trading volumes with USDT and BTC pairs applicable towards leaderboard standings.

VEED serves as the lifeblood of the AI and NFT powered ecosystem and is the sole currency used to purchase and evolve customizable smart NFT called VIMs. These unique collectibles undergo evolutions when fed the minimum amount of VIMenergy converted from the VEED expenditure required to reach the next tier.

Evolutions are essential to providing a full range of customization for users who can capitalize on various monetization methods, whether by continually leveling up their VIM or selling them on the open P2P market provided by VIMmarket.

The addition of VEED as a dual token combo in tandem with VET proved to be a significant upgrade for users by removing the need to convert and bypass associated fees while also providing a unique opportunity to arbitrage listed VIM.

The VIM Dispenser has proven to be a popular feature as the periodically held limited-time sales feature rare and highly sought-out collectibles, often at discounted rates.

The top S Tier VIMs earn a percentage of VIMpool Rewards generated by a percentage of all VIMworld fees and revenue.

In celebration of Dutch King’s Day, VIMworld launched its first VIM Producer Contest with a unique opportunity for creators to submit their own VIM designs. The contest winners will earn 20% of the total proceeds generated from the event and receive the first copy of the VIM once minted.

Among other significant developments is the recent announcement of multichain wallet NuFinetes slated to support VeChain and Ethereum along with other popular chains as VIMworld continues its quest to provide interoperability for its users.


VEED is the ecosystem utility and governance token of VIMworld, an Open-Metaverse Project built on VeChainThor Blockchain focused on Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem and Smart NFT collectibles. The VEED token is used for a variety of utilities within the VIMworld Ecosystem, including VIM feeding, trading, adoption, farming, rewards, governance, and more.

VIMworld’s revolutionary Smart NFTs called VIMs (Virtually Integrated Metadata) are minted on the VeChainThor blockchain, VIMs are valuable collectibles that have provable scarcity, authenticity and do more than sit still and gather virtual dust.

Each character has an established lore within VIMworld, and each VIM can chart a unique journey as each user decides how to engage in the metaverse.



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