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Victoria, Seychelles, 10 February, 2023 – The initial exchange offering (IEO) of the utility token of the SKAFLIC platform, FLIC, has kicked off on the ProBit Global exchange with a 5% bonus for purchases with $PROB. Set to run until February 20, the token sale is offering users the opportunity to be early adopters in SKAFLIC’s new market for buying and selling equity for e-commerce stores against or for cryptocurrencies.

With the growing number of online retailers, physical locations, and customers accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, SKAFLIC is creating the first market to trade equity for the evolving e-commerce sector. It wants to apply a new concept of investment that guarantees the preservation of capital and multiplies growth opportunities through a cutting-edge blockchain-based algorithm.

Unlike the traditional retail system, SKAFLIC’s network-based marketplace will enable users to conduct trades, browse catalogs of equities from e-commerce shops, and monitor their accounts using blockchain technology. The platform will leverage blockchain’s capability to lower transaction fees and security risks connected with currency exchange rates to enable parties make and receive payments in real-time.

While the SKAFLIC trading platform has additional features like premium research information, real-time quotes, news feeds, or charting tools, token holders can stake FLIC to get rewards and cash out their profit through P2P service.

SKAFLIC platform’s smart contract and algorithms sort, filter, and catalog available stores for sale and listing. Then they are evaluated and offered to investors through an ICO platform that provides external opportunities for managing financial flows. SKAFLIC aims to list between 70 and 150 stores at the first stage while the second stage will see the building of a cash flow gateway from fiat to crypto.



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