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Vilnius, Lithuania – BYAT, the latest meme token to be listed on ProBit Global is spicing up the crypto space. With BYAT’s strong evangelists of Bonk, a nearly 2 billion dollar market cap token, BYAT stands ready to support and enhance the Bonk community’s experience.

BYAT is a meme token launched on the Solana chain with its main purpose to support the Bonk community by solving missed opportunities for Web3 degens. BYAT’s approach involves holding portions of Bonk tokens and distributing them during major events. This strategy not only creates a time buffer, allowing latecomers to realize gains similar to early investors but ensures that BYAT remains aligned with Bonk’s performance. This can be seen in BYAT’s primary DEX paired with Bonk, ensuring that BYAT’s value rises to Bonk’s value.

BYAT’s plan is to build a strong community by offering rewards such as NFTs, airdrops and interoperability with Bonk’s products to enhance the holder’s experience. In addition, BYAT maintains a 13.3% value of Bonk holdings at all times, ensuring liquidity for BYAT is available if required. This provides a strong use case for the BYAT token far beyond just being a meme. Also BYAT has a goal to be listed on different CEXs to provide better accessibility for transactions.

“BYAT is the meme coin of 2024, if you're looking for a token that is a meme with utility then BYAT is your go to option. It has an innovative approach to providing value for holders compared to other meme coins, plus the theme of Shiba’s tokens is timeless, so degens can ape in without question”. – Justin, Partnerships Manager at ProBit Global.

Overall, BYAT is a meme token providing utility for the Web3 degen community, with its goal of listing on different crypto exchanges and reward systems for holders, it provides real utility use cases that have value. By following in Bonk’s footsteps and supporting their community, BYAT is positioned to make waves in the degen community.

Check out BYAT’s (BYAT) listing on ProBit Global and participate in their trading competition on Probit Global, trade to win a share of 11,250,880 BYAT. Be on alert for upcoming BYAT staking events and token reward opportunities. Let’s ape into BYAT.



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